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Ramon Santiago
Ramón Santiago is a tough, guerilla journalist based in Latin America. He is guest writer, a multi-lingual translator and regular contributor for Axis of Logic. Ramón continually scours Latin American countries, finding the vermin beneath the rocks. He is particularly known for his uncensored assessments of U.S. imperialism in Latin America and wherever it raises its ugly head throughout the world.

  • Ramón Santiago, Guest Columnist, Axis of Logic. Music: Ali Primera , Album: No Solo De Vida Vive El Hombre

    Editor's Note: After corresponding and publishing with Axis of Logic writers, Venezuelan Arturo Rosales and the intrepid Latin American independent journalist, Ramón Santiago, this is the first time we've seen them team up. Ramón, writes a follow-up to Arturo's recent article on Paul Gillman's metal band, both featuring the music... » read this article
  • Ramón Santiago, also an Indignant. Axis of Logic. , Axis of Logic.

    Late last week thousands of young people (Los Indignados or Indignant Ones) gathered in Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, to protest against government policies which have caused more poverty, 20.4% unemployment - 43% youth unemployment for people under 25 years, cutting back or completely eliminating many social programs, freezing or... » read this article
  • Ramón Santiago and Les Blough. Axis of Logic. , Axis of Logic

    Editor's Comment: Ramón Santiago provides an excellent explanation of how democracy works in Venezuela and how individual and "list votes" work. A careful understanding of these details is especially important for dismantling the manipulation and false claims of the opposition. In light of corporate media's treatment of the democratic process... » read this article
  • Ramón Santiago – Guest columnist, Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    At today’s meeting of the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela) President Chávez did not waste any time reminding the beleaguered Venezuelan stock brokers that he would have no problem closing them all if they did not step into line. This sharp reminder came after trading in all government debt... » read this article
  • Ramón Santiago in Venezuela, Guest columnist, Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    In their report, ANALYSIS-Venezuela car industry gridlock as dollars run out, Reuters pays another shill to tell another half-story about Venezuelan affairs. In this "analysis” they shamelessly expose their indecency as a major news broker in western media. I'm writing this critique for Axis of Logic to call Reuters on... » read this article
  • Ramón Santiago. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    January 21, 2009 - Yes, the pre-referendum media show has lifted off ladies and gentlemen and not only in Venezuela. The Boston Globe joined in misreporting what President Chavez said on Saturday about the use of tear gas to stop violent demonstrations and public disorder. The beautiful life that Venezuelanos enjoy on a... » read this article
  • Axis Editorial Board , Axis of Logic

    Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Media show takes off in Venezuela Jan 29, 2009 Palestine Justify using F-16's against civilians in Gaza!! Come on!! We´re waiting!! Dec 27, 2008 Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Ex-Defense Minister Baduel Busted in Venezuela Oct 3, 2008 Political Satire Chavez and Raul Castro go crazy (translation) Jun... » read this article
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