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By 16 Year-Old Axis Reader, Regina Guarisco from Bullhead City, AZ
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004


I find myself,
Stating what is mine.
My mind turns dark,
When instead it should shine.

I seem to give in,
To the one thing I dislike.
It�s the one thing,
That makes humans fight.

Battles are and have been fought,
Because of it.
This emotion causes hurt.
Makes you cruel instead of considerate.

It is the trigger,
Of mankind's violent past and present,
It causes so much destruction,
Instead of the peace that is ment.

From existing so long,
It has taken its hold in evolution.
Now lurking in every mind.
An emotion born from confusion.

I feel it sometimes in my thoughts,
Trying to plant its evil seed,
But the day there is no such thing as hope,
Is the day I give into greed.

© Copyright 2003 by

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