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By Regina Guarisco
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004

Through it all

Through the tough times,
I have shed my tears.
I have felt the heartbreak,
And she my fears.

For all the trials,
Troubles that have made me want to retreat.
When the world has turned upside down,
I have always landed on my feet.

After my cheeks are dry and stale,
I have still found a way to smile.
Even when I was sore and tired,
I have still walked the extra miles.

What reward I get,
Is only known to me.
I get no metals, trophies or acknowledgement,
Just a glow of tomorrow's dawn only I can see.

So when my day doesn't go well,
Or my plans don't work out.
Tomorrow will go better and I can make new plans,
That's what the gift of life is all about.

© Copyright 2004 by

Regina Guarisco generously contributes her poetry to Axis of Logic on a regular basis.  She is 17 years old and lives with her family in Bullhead City, Arizona.

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