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By Regina Guarisco
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004

When Sally met Santa

Asleep she was,
Curled up on the couch.
She tried to stay awake,
But fell asleep in a slouch.

Her parents walked out,
And seen Sally's state.
They covered her with another blanket,
Went to bed leaving sally to her wait.

A noise woke her up,
She ran outside and there was Santa and sleigh.
She shouted a whisper to Santa,
"You can use the door, it's easier that way."

So Santa came in.
While eating milk and cookies her asked,
"Sally, you sent me no list this year. Why?"
She looked up and Santa would never forget her reply.

"I have a Friend named Johnny,
His family is poor.
I figured if I asked for nothing,
You could give him more."

Santa stood a moment,
Then pulled a small box out of his pocket.
Sally opened it,
And seen a two-piece locket.

Then he said, "This is for you both"
Sally smiled with glee.
Giving Santa a hug she whispered,
"Don't forget to go see Johnny."

"Even Santa can't give someone,
What you have given," Santa said.
"Because the gifts in the world,
Can never amount to the value of a friend."

With that he got in his sleigh,
Waved and off he went.
Sally fell back asleep with locket in hand,
And understood just what Santa meant.

Regina is a young lady from Arizona who kindly contributes her poetry to Axis of Logic on a regular basis.

© Copyright 2004 by

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