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By Regina Guarisco
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004

How it was

Remember how it was,
Before you had to pay bills,
Have a minimum wage job,
Or the struggle as if your constantly running up hills.

Remember how it was,
When you believed in the monster in the closet.
When you had not a care in the world but having fun.
When you needed a stool just to reach the fosset.

Remember how it was,
When you daydreamed all day,
Of being a conqueror, a bird or a hero.
Acting it out for others to see,
Ignoring what they think or say.

Remember how it was,
When you raced the other kids down the street.
You could finish dead last,
But still think you were the fastest thing on two feet.

Memories built that can only bring a smile,
Time catches us all and when it does,
Is when you get to think and smile about,
How it was.

© Copyright 2004 by

About the poet:  Regina Guarisco lives generously contributes her poetry to Axis of Logic on a regular basis.  She is 17 years old and lives with her family in Bullhead City, Arizona.

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