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By Regina Guarisco
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004

Freedom Fighters
I'm 16 years old
And people are fighting for my rights,
My father included
Are trying to keep hope for our future in sight.
These fighters for our freedom,
with voices often ignored,
Use logic and honesty;
As their corruption killing sword.
Even when knocked down,
They just get up and battle again,
Not with guns or bombs,
But with the power of a pen.
They fight for integrity.
They fight for peace.
They fight for pointless wars
To cease.
These people spread
Far and wide;
Their numbers growing everyday
Rising like a tide.
They do it for kids like me
And to remind people of what truly matters.
They are an army of hope,
They are our true freedom fighters.

(Regina Guarisco is 16 years old and from Bullhead City, Arizona.  She is a regular Axis of Logic Reader and our youngest contributor.)

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