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By Regina Guarisco
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004

Dream of America

It started as an idea.
Then became a dream.
To then become a goal.
Strove for even when called obscene.

A prize,
That has been criticized and ridiculed.
It�s contestants never wavering,
For they would not be fooled.

Ignoring those who were angry.
Ignoring those who were afraid.
Onward they went,
Making a path which no other had lain.

Surviving the fear of loss of power.
Surviving the fear of change.
Surviving battling a once friendly neighbor.
Centuries of struggle for a moment�s freedom was the exchange.

That dream still beats.
That goals target still stands.
Faith still burns in the true,
To make an ideas to reality with honest bare hands.

No matter the enemy.
No matter how deep the dive.
No matter how long the battle.
The true idea of America will always stay alive.

Submitted by 16 year-old Axis Reader, Regina Guarisco who resides with her parents in Arizona.  Thank you, Regina!

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