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By Regina Guarisco
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004


You look out the window,
But stay inside.
Even though you know it's nice out there,
With a breeze enough to get those kites to glide.

You stare at the water,
But don't get in past three feet.
Even though you can swim,
And you want freedom from the heat.

You see that person you like,
But start to walk away.
Even though you want to talk to them,
And try to get them to stay.

You look up at that tower,
Wanting to stand at the top.
But you don't go past the first floor,
Even though you don't want to stop.

They say that the cautious,
Live to live another day.
That you can never be safe.
I think you should forget what "they" say.

That's not what you do,
To be among the living.
That what you do,
To be just existing.

To live,
Is to learn.
Freedom from fear,
Is what you yearn.

So go outside,
And go swimming.
Talk to that person and climb those stairs,
You just might enjoy living.


© Copyright 2004 by

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