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By Regina Guarisco
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004

Through all the problems and hurt,
Your hope and happiness prevailed.
Not only when it rained,
But also when it hailed.

You've been to the lowest low.
You've been knocked hard to the ground.
Yet you summoned the power to stand,
And knew there were things yet to be found.

Winds of confusion,
Have often hid your path from view.
So many times you've been tempted,
To just give up like others do.

Still forward you go,
Like a warrior with new armor.
Ready for whatever obstacles ahead,
Ready for any horror.

You survived the storm,
With scars and your fair share of damage.
You've already started to heal and rebuild.
Even in doubt you still found a way to manage.

You could have just lain down,
And let the darkness take you.
Instead you decided to fight and go on,
No matter how hard the wind blew.

© Copyright 2004by

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