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Guest Poets
Contributions by guest poets to Axis of Logic

  • jack mothershed. Axis of Logic exclusive , Axis of Logic

    NONCONNAH YARDS One railroad came from Chicago, bound for New Orleans Or vice versa One railroad came from Little Rock headed for Charleston Or the other way around In Nonconnah Yards south of Memphis The rails crossed My father knew that My father rode those rails Long before the Great... » read this article
  • Dady Chery , Axis of Logic

    ISLAND SOUNDS A solitary guitar consoling yesterday, a coq greeting the dawn, rain tiptoeing on a tin roof While the sun looks on, a cyclone whistling through the palms, breadfruit falling from a cloud, laughter spiraling toward the full moon, feet tapping, hands clapping, vibrating the night, stirring memories of... » read this article
  • W. Vic Ratsma , Axis of Logic

    Voices from The Dead Quietly we lie, scattered across the land separated from our comrades in battle, returned home in a pre-paid coffin draped by an American flag, and put to rest in a hometown plot. We are the dead. They told us that we would be heroes fighting for... » read this article
  • Poet Nizar Qabani. Translated by Adib S. Kawar and revised by Les Blough , Axis of Logic

    You who in a minefield perform the morning prayer, from today’s rulers, expect not but words. Expect nothing but love letters back. Don’t look, our imam, nothing there except ignorance and darkness. Nothing there except mud and smut. Nothing there except miscarriage and dwarf cities, where the rich eat the... » read this article
  • Joe Boyd. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    "This is meant to be a call for the 40 – 50 somethings in America to get off our butts and make a difference is some more aggressive way." - Joe Boyd Axis of Logic       Frequently Shaken, Never Quite Stirred  We remember the Vietnam body counts read,... » read this article
  • Raja Chemayel , Axis of Logic

    (originally published on Axis of Logic on August 9, 2007) The Problem with Jesus  .... or was Jesus really run-down by a Bulldozer ??    To start with, he was from a middle class family whose father was a simple carpenter, nothing fancy, nothing exciting. You might also call him a... » read this article
  • Dee Allen, Nina Serrano, Raul (Curly) Estremera , Bay View: National Black Newspaper

      Three poems for Oscar Grant Face down by Dee Allen Smashed vehicle windows Cannot scream. Burning dumpsters Cannot unleash their agony into the smoky evening sky. Neither damaged T-Mobile nor McDonald’s nor Wells Fargo Can feel pain. Underground subways Cannot fight their sudden closure. So there’s no need to... » read this article
  • Musafir and Dirk Adriaensens , Brussels Tribunal

    Sarah Meyer* sent us this essay on Harold Pinter from the Brussells Tribunal of which she is a member: We are sad to learn that Harold Pinter, honorary member of the BRussells Tribunal, died today, Christmas day 2008, at the age of 78. The last thing he wrote was a contribution... » read this article
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