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By J R Turek
Submitted by Mankh
Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015

Man was born
man walked the earth
man watched animals walk and run
and man thought, why should I struggle
let the animals carry me and he rode donkeys
and horses and camels.
And man saw that the animals died so man devised
a mechanical animal to ride him around earth
and man created car and drove in style.
Man got to the river and pondered how to cross
and man made boats and ships and yachts and cruised in comfort.
Man drove to the top of a mountain and watched birds fly
and vowed in envy to emulate them
and man developed airplanes and helicopters
and flew above the birds to the clouds
and in greed, he wished he could see what hid from view
above his head and man crashed through and flew
into the firmament in ships rocketing into space
and walked on the night light in the sky, planted a flag
and cameras and drones and spied to know everything
and he called the universe his own.
When man got bored, he built bigger cars that used more fuel
and he had to dig deeper holes to make more fuel, then the cars
were too slow so he paced them to race, built roads and bridges
so man could go anywhere at anytime.
Now descendants of man breathe in fumes instead of air
drink chemicals instead of spring water
eat fish and mammals metastasizing bad cells
crowd house on top of house and ungrass the parks,
and man concretes streets and driveways to park his big SUVs
and man gets bored…
and man builds guns and bombs
and man lets his greed create war because he wants more and more
and man grows bored, and it’s not long before man is
                                                                                                            ~ J R Turek

J R (Judy) Turek is a poet, editor, workshop leader, with two Pushcart Prize nominations. She is the author of Imagistics and They Come And They Go. J R lives on Long Island with her soul-mate husband, her dogs, and her extraordinarily extensive shoe collection.

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