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the battle of Wounded Soul . . . . Printer friendly page Print This
By Stacey Gunnard
Submitted by Mankh
Sunday, May 10, 2015

the battle of Wounded Soul . . . .
After the message, where did you go,
while you're sitting by a fire,
they're up to their necks in snow,
maybe being frozen, is a way to freeze the soul,
as time and moons pass by, the truth is still so.
You say what can I do? Give!
You say what will that change? Give!
Take your focus to your heart, Give.
Remember when you cried, that loneliness inside,
imagine children's hunger, elder's final summers,
no shelter from the thunder, Give.
What you take for self a legacy of wealth?
Feed a soul that's wounded, expand your hand, Give.
Keep looking, in the eyes of sorrow,
there's room to add some light, sharing this earth's bounty,
make the war a battle for love.
Fight the fear, save nothing trust the truth.
Give it's only love, it's what we're made of.
You need to become one, to Mother Earth and Father Sun,
dance in daylight, pray in moon light,
give all that you are, practice, look at stars . . .
they share the night air, with no withholding or a care,
simply being there. So who are you truly,
are you living your true beauty, are you giving,
authentic living, when no one is watching, Give,
tell no one, just Give.
There are prophets telling lies, wearing a disguise,
while in a crowd of followers, pretending to be wise.
While in the dead of night when no one is in sight,
their egos burning bright, powerful delight, all alone,
in a body that’s a throne, all alone,
separate from the others, sisters and brothers,
counting on their fans, taking from their hands,
they think theirs is the way,
collecting from their prey,
but spirit is in all,
choose who will rule your day.

Stacey Gunnard is a spiritualist, truth speaker, and intuitive, lives in her heart and speaks from her soul. Shop owner “Ohm in the Home” - Sayville, NY.

First published in the anthology, The (Un)Occupy Movement: Anatomy of Consciousness, Practical Solutions, Human Equality (2012)

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