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Gun as Archeological Find in the year 2254 Printer friendly page Print This
By Barbara Southard
Submitted by Mankh
Saturday, Jul 11, 2015

Gun finds had started to diminish by then
and most museums had varied collections
in their archives, the Smithsonian having the
largest collection. For awhile, people lost interest
in that part of history when nearly half the pop-
ulation possessed one sort of firearm or another,
not counting guns hidden under beds or forgotten
in closets, the gun craze escalating when someone
made the first gun with a 3D printer around 2013. At
that time, every disturbed person wanting to make a
statement by killing people found it easy to do the deed,
as this is the United States of America and folks felt
they had a constitutional right to arm themselves if
they felt like it. Back in the early 2000s, people in a
movie theater in Colorado were gunned down watching
a Batman movie, then twenty children and six grownups
were killed in a school in Connecticut. A few years later,
nine parishioners praying in church were shot and killed
in North Carolina, not to forget children accidentally
shooting their friends, sisters and brothers. With the
exception of the children finding a gun and being curious,
hate seemed to be the main reason people shot other people.
Then the great storms and droughts started up, at first
accelerating the killing but by 2254, gun artifacts were
only found in tunnels or flooded-out buildings or in the sand
where drought had dried the farms up. Population had
declined from all the casualties and those who survived
traveled far to see the museum exhibits of what life was like
before all the troubles started with the oceans and the land.
Barbara Southard is a visual artist and writer. She currently serves on the board of The Long Island Poetry Collective as treasurer and co-editor and teaches poetry to children at the Walt Whitman Birthplace State Historic Site. Her publication credits include Canary, Home Planet News, Long Island Quarterly, Long Island Sounds, Mobius, Paumonok, Poet Lore, Walt Whitman Anthology, The Long Islander, Whispers and Shouts and PPA. The title of her first book is Remember, which was published by Allbook Books.

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