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By Regina Guarisco, 17 year-old Axis of Logic Reader from Arizona
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004


You can tie my hands,
And I'll just kick my feet.
You can hit me until I'm black and blue,
But I will never be beat.

You can steal my light,
But I'll still shine.
You can stand in front of me,
And I'll just hold up my sign.

You can take away my soapbox,
And I'll still shout and yell.
Until my voice is broken and cracked,
And there is no one left to tell.

You can tape my mouth shut,
And I'll just put the truth in writing.
You can try to get me to run,
But it will be you who will be hiding.

I will always fight,
The real battles that should be fought.
Go ahead and do your worst,
Because I will never be stopped.

Even though you have the resources,
To spread lies even the most blind know to be absurd.
You are just speaking.
I am heard.

© Copyright 2004 by

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