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War on Terror - what will Obama do ? ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Robert Thompson
Axis of Logic exclusive
Saturday, Dec 6, 2008

Perhaps the worst aspect of the Bush régime, soon to become the Obama régime (with many of the same faces in the usual photos), has been its "War on Terror", by which it has increased its military and financial imperialist actions in a desperate desire to dominate the whole world.


Obviously, as I have written before, the worst manifestation of "Terror" has for many years been the CIA/Mossad. Any decent and honest president of the USA should clean this up before turning to what is going on in other countries, often far from the USA, and/or from any genuine national interest of the USA.


Barack Obama has even made public declarations that he wishes to increase the current attacks, including bombing, against Pakistan, supposedly one of his country's "allies" (a word which has always had a very special meaning for successive régimes in the USA), without the slightest logical reason being given for any such action.


It would be useful if he were to re-examine the whole of the USA's foreign policy, and withdraw all military forces from areas where the USA has no genuine interest, such as Europe, the Indian sub-continent and the Near and Middle East.


I have previously commented on the naming the United States' military threat against much of these areas as Centcom, under the pathetic General Petraeus (or Betray-us, as it will be pronounced by many Arabs). But this reveals the fact that the Terrorist-in-Chief in Washington considers them to be very important to the imperialist ambitions of his masters.


If he finally decides to be a decent honest president, Mr Obama should forget about the stupidity of the previous régimes, and over-rule anything which the Billaries might wish to do.


Instead, he should himself realise, and make the whole USA understand, that the USA, apart from the danger to us all arising from their irresponsible threat and use of their military might, can never be the sole leader in any field of human endeavour.


The obvious lesson to be learned is that, if one is to wage a genuine war against terror, one should always start by looking at one's own situation, since it is clear that any Islamist terror is shown to have almost always arisen from a desire to resist hideous oppression, either directly by the USA themselves (as in Iraq) or less directly by giving massive support and backing to other equally oppressive régimes (as in the Holy Land).


The question remains: What hope is there of a Damascus-type conversion to justice and decency for Mr Obama when he takes office?




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