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By Robert Thompson
Axis of Logic exclusive
Saturday, Mar 14, 2009

It is often difficult to understand, never mind express, our feelings, since they do not always appear totally logical, even to ourselves. We also have to be careful about hurting the feelings of others, since it is the height of discourtesy not to think what our sayings or doings might do unnecessarily to offend any one of our brothers and sisters. 


It is quite another matter where we have every intention of showing our disapproval of the actions or sayings of a person or persons with whom we strongly disagree, but it is always my aim, even though I too often fail in this, to be courteous even towards the most dastardly of human beings.


I have to admit that my feelings are often fragile, in that I can be upset by acts carried out and/or words used without any intention of causing me any worry. However, this is probably because I am in reality a weak and frail person, despite any pretence which I may put up that I am strong and resolute.


Many politicians and others seem to grow a thick hide to guard against any assault on their own feelings, and this probably explains why they are all prone to make hurtful comments about others.


For example, when I am wrongly falsely accused of being anti-Jewish, because I strongly oppose Zionism, I am invariably not only upset, but almost 100% sure that such accusations are made with malice, and I my reaction is to combat the lie. If, on the other hand, I am accused of not caring about certain categories of oppressed people, just because I have chosen to concentrate on any one particular case, or series of cases, my feelings can be hurt, since I cannot fight hundreds of battles at the same time.


Any decent person who wishes to do battle with injustice often finds that his or her energies have to marshalled to fight one abuse at a time, without in any way forgetting all the others around us. It is a genuine excuse for inaction on one front, if one is doing one's best to fight the good fight on another. I must always bear this in mind when I suffer from this particular form of criticism, and remember that I must endeavour to use such talents as I have as effectively as possible.


In that way I ought to be able to overcome my hurt feelings and continue, for example, to do what I can to criticise and condemn the Zionists/Neocons and their imperialistic attempts to destroy our civilisation as a step towards their ultimate aim of dominating the whole world, without feeling bad about the other obvious evil actions before my eyes. I ask all good folk to refrain from unkind remarks, where someone is at least clearly trying to fight for the right, but cannot do everything at once.




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