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By Robert Thompson
Axis of Logic exclusive
Sunday, Jul 19, 2009

The following was Robert's final essay, published on April 9, 2009. He typed it with his one remaining functional (non-dominant) arm and hand. He died on May 20, 2009 at his home in the North of France.

In my situation, being now in very poor health, it is still better to look forward than backwards. Not that much can be changed for me, however I have to hope that it can be for my nearest and dearest and the world in general.

I have previously expressed some of my worries and doubts about the new situation arising form the departure of the Bush Gang, and in particular my hesitations over welcoming the recomposed Neo-con régime now in power in the USA. But at least there is some reason to hope that, despite some choices already made by Mr Obama, the new team will see the sense in changing the policy of the United States in connection with world affaires generally and specifically the relations between the USA and the rest of us.

As I have so often written, the criminals who misuse religious loyalties have to be exposed and defeated especially the so-called “Crusaders”, Zionists or members of communities which have fallen under the influence of such tendencies as al Qaida.

If Mr Obama really is committed to working towards using the unifying Love which is expressed in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, he must also add an element of humility and end the fatuous idea that the United States can “lead” the world. Any effective moves require co-operation between persons of good will, however much they may interpret life differently.

We must all hope and pray that the efforts of all people of good will combined will bring about an era of peace which must be based on justice for all and the virtues which form the motto of the French Republic. Forever we should strive for Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!

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