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Gloomy Gordon Goes to Washington Printer friendly page Print This
By Robert Thompson
Axis of Logic exclusive
Friday, Mar 6, 2009

Mr James Gordon Brown, Britain's latest Scottish Prime Minister, has been in Washington to have a brief chat with President Obama, and also address a joint meeting of the United States' Congress. Not the least of his problems was that his performance and its effect were inevitably going to be compared with those of his immediate predecessor and fellow-countryman, Anthony C.L. Blair.


In the place of the brash extrovert Mr Blair, we saw the very reserved son of the Manse, who does not wear his heart on his sleeve, but shrouds himself in a dour Calvinistic cloak which can make him seem remote. He makes just as much of his religious feelings as did his predecessor, but in a very different manner. Facing him there was no longer the intellectually challenged Mr Bush, but the very bright and articulate Mr Obama. Thus, the contrast with recent meetings of British Prime Minister Blair and President Bush of the USA was extreme. We saw none of the seemingly forced jollity of the Bush-Blair encounters. But this could even mean that the two new men, Mr Obama and his current side-kick, have a closer understanding; but time alone will tell.


From Mr Brown's address to Congress, it is immediately apparent that he has every intention of being every bit as servile as was Mr Blair, which gives him instant popularity with the extraordinarily corruptly elected Congress. This should set off warning signals in our consciousness, and it bodes ill for the future of both the USA and Britain. Indeed, it increases the dangers faced by the whole of Europe, as it becomes increasingly subjected to the terrifying threats which arise from the blatantly aggressive transatlantic imperialism fully adopted and supported by Mr Obama.


There will be a procession of European (and other) heads of government, coming on pilgrimage to swear fealty to the newly enthroned Neocon Emperor. Many of us here in France are now squirming with embarrassment as our Assemblée Nationale today (6th March) debates our government's proposal to rejoin the integrated command of NATO prior to President Sarkozy's journey to do homage to Mr Obama. As a commentator on France2's news said this morning, the late General de Gaulle will spin in his grave at this reversal of his decision all those years ago to maintain French independence from foreign domination.


Mr Brown's obsequiousness should serve as a warning and call us all to greater vigilance as to the dangers of Neocon domination, since Mr Brown has committed himself to following the lead of whatever régime rules the USA.




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