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By Robert Thompson
Axis of Logic exclusive
Saturday, Mar 14, 2009

Do the supporters of the theft of lands and homes ever really think of the effect of their thefts on those who have lost everything? Burglars often care little for those whose homes they have emptied of possessions, some of commercial value, and others of great sentimental value to the individual owners, if of none to the thieves.


This is the daily situation in such places as East Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazareth or ancient villages in the Naqab. If only we could make ordinary people in the U.S.A. fully understand what is going on every day in Palestine. Everyone should be asked to imagine what it is like if you are elderly, and that you have lived your whole life in the same house and/or your family has for centuries tilled the same land, and everything is then taken away.


Every day, we read and hear about further cases where the invaders bulldoze houses, after a few hours' advance warning, and sometimes do not wait until all the inhabitants have left, thereby burying sick and elderly people alive. Being myself seriously disabled, and thus very much dependent on others, it is heart-rending to imagine the helplessness of any one of my brothers and sisters in my situation in the Holy Land.


This is the reality of the ethnic cleansing in Palestine which started (well in advance) in readiness for the 1947-1948 War and has still not ended. More than one of my friends in the U.S.A. have told me that almost all support for Zionism, which is solely based on ethnic cleansing, would evaporate in the "West", if only one could make the bulk of the "western" population understand just what it means in the life of each individual innocent victim.


It would be wonderful if one could make such a break-through, since there must surely be sufficient basic decency among the people of the U.S.A., and other "western" countries.


Anyone tempted to accuse me of "anti-semitism" for expressing this hope should understand that I have always absolutely condemned the wickedness of the Nazi (and other European) oppression leading to hideously cruel treatment and murder of Jews. We should all remember (and determine to apply, the slogan much used by survivors from Nazi atrocities, namely "Never Again".




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