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Sympathy Rebuffed ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Robert Thompson
Axis of Logic exclusive
Wednesday, Dec 10, 2008

I still cannot get over the event. It was sharper for many of us than the original events of 11th September 2001, since it was such a shock. In Europe, we had already had to become accustomed to terrorist attacks, many of them planned and hatched in the USA.


Most people in the world, immediately after seeing on our television screens the destruction of the Twin Towers, expressed open and human sympathy towards the people of the USA, so traumatised by the sort of attack from which they had so far been shielded.


The reaction of Mr George W. Bush (the unelected, but judicially imposed, president of the USA) was to declare a "Crusade" against the world outside the country, and to tell us all "If you are not with us, you are against us". Like most of us, I was hideously offended by these two extremely rude and stupid statements.


Mr Bush did not expatiate on what he meant by "us"; but the world drew the understandable conclusion that he was referring to his masters both inside and outside the USA, who have for so many years tried to enslave us and force us into a mould which we do not find comfortable.


If he had reacted by acting as any decent human being should have done when touched by this wave of sympathy, he would first have humbly thanked us all for our sympathy, and then declared that his administration would do what it could to end all terrorist activities, starting perhaps with cleaning up the notorious CIA.


As it is, his régime has done everything it can to smother the investigation into the atrocity in New York and elsewhere, which makes us all highly suspicious of the supposedly "official" story of what happened. In any case, Mr Oussama bin Laden (who may be speaking the truth) has stated that this attack was in reply to similar (although smaller in numbers killed in any one event) atrocities carried out by the USA and/or its Zionist "allies" throughout the world for, far too many years.


This makes sense to us outside the USA, but the mass of the population of that country still seems desperately sure that its way of life must be imposed on us all, and cannot be surpassed by other civilisations and ways of life (such as ours). We prefer to keep to our own ways, and have no desire to change to what we see as an extremely primitive society, which even refuses proper health care for everyone and maintains the death penalty for certain offenders.


This arrogant view of us was exemplified in Mr Bush's declarations, and sadly we see and hear that Mr Obama supports the same line by making silly claims to lead the world. We wonder when he is going to find out that the rest of us do not accept any such ridiculous claim to any form of "leadership" by his country.


Our view of the USA is one of fear, because of their excessive military might, and we cannot see in what way that could ever make the United States into a model to adopt or accept by any such as ourselves. We prefer to retain our own civilisation and various ways of life.


Mr Bush gave us a slap in the face in 2001, and Mr Obama now repeats the same vulgar behaviour in 2008. There can never be any excuse for these exhibitions of sheer bad manners. We still feel that our sympathy was rebuffed by a crude and ill-informed representative of the USA, and that this is now being repeated and (perhaps) reinforced.


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