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An anniversary which should have brought hope ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Robert Thompson in France
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Dec 11, 2008

Apart from a calendar, which reminds me of such events, the excellent article on Uruknet by Ghada Karmi, entitled "The Legacy of Resolution 194 - The UN Resolution That Time Forgot", has brought me back to thinking again about that clear statement of the right of return to their homes and lands in Palestine of all refugees (and their descendants now, of course) from the ethnic cleansing of 1947-1948.
With the constant support (and veto) of the United States, the Zionist entity has quite simply ignored Resolution 194, passed on this date, 11th December, in 1948, when all the ills suffered by the people of Palestine at that time were fresh in the memories of the representatives of all the then member states.
It is a matter of disgust to me that the Zionists should still benefit from the unfailing support of the United States, and that now the governments of the member states of the European Union should also be willing to "overlook" the present-day cruelty of the successors to the Nazis, in their drive to achieve the total ethnic cleansing of the Holy Land.
This nasty racist regional power enjoys brandishing its nuclear weapons as a constant threat to stability in the Near and Middle East, and the governments of the member countries of the League of Arab States should be ashamed of their failure to act together on behalf of their helpless Palestinian brothers and sisters.
An immediate and absolute ban by every Arab state on all oil exports to the USA, accompanied by a threat to extend this to all other states hostile to the Palestinians, would trigger immediate panic action on the part of most of them.   As to the negligent Arab rulers who delight in the money which they currently receive (and in some cases only pass on to their subjects), such a ban should not last for long, and thereby cost them comparatively little, since it would create an outcry, and a powerful demand, among the citizens of every country concerned, to receive their fuel.
At the same time, the United Nations should remind the Zionist entity that it was admitted to the Organisation on the clear understanding that, although it did not satisfy the then requirements for constituting a state, it should behave according to the rules laid down in the U.N. Charter.
This is another anniversary which we cannot celebrate, except a proof that the U.N. did, at least, try to do something for the Palestinian people.

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