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By Robert Thompson
Axxis of Logic exclusive
Sunday, Mar 1, 2009

We all have to learn from someone or somewhere, and, as we get older, we are increasingly able to choose our own sources of information. We should also become increasingly capable of understanding how to sift out from certain sources, in themselves intended to mislead, just what it is that the said sources wish to hide or obscure. This can itself be a most useful source of highly accurate information.


I have been unable to write for over two months due to having lost the full use of my right hand (I am incorrigibly right-handed) and this has been hideously frustrating to me. I am an old man who likes to communicate, and I feel a violent urge to answer back when I encounter lies intended to lead all of us astray.


This period of incapacity has coincided with the horrifying massacre and destruction wreaked by the Zionists, with unfailing help and support from the U.S.A., on their prisoners held in the Gaza Strip. It is amazing in my eyes that decent folk in the U.S.A. and the European Union should not have seen the obvious (to me) wickedness of Zionism so clearly revealed, with little attempt having been made to keep this evil hidden. The pathetic excuse that these atrocities were necessary to stop artisanal rockets being fired into such colonial outposts as Sderot. This claim is aimed at making the outside world forget that all this land was, until the Naqba of 1947-1948, part of the single territory of Palestine, and that every incoming settler was (and remains to this day) a military colonialist invader. We are not here looking at truly peaceful civilians, but at ruthless colonisers who have deliberately driven out the rightful inhabitants. We see "western" supposed leaders, such as those who rule the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, declare themselves to be "Friends of Israel", without openly admitting that they are thereby complicit in the slaughter and theft which form the only basis on which Zionism has been able to come into existence and to survive.


A notable example of this is the present Scottish Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who has made it clear that his father, a Presbyterian Minister, felt able to give his backing to the ruthless cruelty of the Zionist régime, using as an argument the treatment of Jews (among others) in Europe by the Nazis and other racist groups. As a man supposed to uphold Christian values against evil, I would have expected the "Reverend" Mr Brown to have spoken out for the defenceless indigenous people of the Holy Land. However, he apparently decided to overlook the obvious sins of the Zionists in order to feel free to support a totally false and unfounded doctrine whereby merely claiming to represent Jewry sufficed to give these invaders rights over the Holy Land. If I were the politician son, I would find it hard to follow in the clergyman father's footsteps.


In this sad case, it seems that the son has decided that it is in some way his filial duty to follow the twisted propaganda of Zionism. even though this is totally contrary to the teaching of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes, which would logically have been a far better inheritance for this (supposedly Christian) Minister to have left to his son. Even now, after we have all been shown some of what has happened in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere, there has been no sign of a change of attitude on the part of Mr Brown. All of this is in stark contrast with Mr Brown's widely advertised sympathy offered to those who suffer elsewhere in the world, particularly in Africa.


Each of us should make a firm resolution to do all that we can to ensure that we do not allow any form of respect, or of any other feeling, to cloud our critical judgment when looking at potential sources of information which might in fact be deliberately intended to distort or hide accurate information.


More generally, we should keep our minds open, and be willing to change our attitudes where we have been misled.   Stubborn refusal to face obvious facts can never be justified, and show a form of overweaning pride. Obviously, we should be willing to admit that, being mere human beings, we can be fooled, and not be embarrassed to admit thereby that we are such human beings. One of the most neglected old saws is errare humanum est, and it is dangerous to forget it




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