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The Billary Effect ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Robert Thompson
Axis of Logic exclusive
Tuesday, Mar 3, 2009

As soon as I heard that Mrs Clinton was going to direct USA foreign policy, my first thought took me straight back to the question of which President, Clinton or Bush II, had caused the deaths of more innocent Iraqis. Was it the sanctions so enthusiastically enforced by the Clinton régime which killed more people, or was it the attack, invasion and occupation ordered by President Bush Junior? It is unlikely that we shall ever know, but those who ran these two administrations appear to have entered into a terrifying competition to score the most kills. 


Now the supposed "brains behind Bill" has been given a key role in the new Obama team, seemingly on the grounds that she has experience of world affairs. Indeed she has, as her husband's extremely close collaborator, and it is almost all negative. There is even continuing damning evidence of the harm which she can do. The meeting of so-called "donors" in a plushy Egyptian holiday resort has shown us all a spectacle of the weeping of buckets full of crocodile tears, as huge sums are pledged (subject, of course, to impossible conditions) to help in rebuilding the Gaza Strip. Mrs Clinton speaks of giving 300 million US dollars, but closer examination of what she has promised shows that most of this is to go to the Fatah régime in the West Bank, and furthermore that the remaining dollars will only go to the Gaza Strip if the Hamas-led administration recognises the right of the 'state of Israel' to exist as a "Jewish state".


This proposal is therefore still-born, and I, for one, am sure that Mrs Clinton is clever enough to know this. In fact, I am convinced that she is a highly intelligent woman, despite her seeming to have sold her soul to the devil. This is a dastardly ploy aimed at persuading the world that the Palestinians are refusing the "generous" aid being offered by the ever so "virtuous" USA. The world must never forget, however, that the USA provided most of the arms used to cause the deaths and destruction in the Gaza Strip, and that all the damage has been brought about indirectly by the USA through the Zionist entity which seeks the status of a genuine normal state under the name of 'Israel'. Since the new administration seems even more fiscally irresponsible that its predecessor, it seems to feel itself free to spend its subjects' dollars on destroying, and on pretending to contribute towards the reconstruction of what it has itself destroyed.


Another stupid – one could say reckless – act of foreign policy folly is the escalation of the attacks on Pakistan which is somehow squared with the idea that this highly unstable country is an "ally" of the USA. However, although I am always wary of allegations of conspiracy theories and deep plots, I strongly suspect that the mischief arising from constant instability in the area covered by the USA's CENTCOM, based on Diego Garcia, is part of the overall plan to divide and rule so dear to the Neocons/Zionists as an additional element in their aim to move towards world domination by the real rulers of the USA. Here we see signs of the intention of the new régime to follow slavishly in the imperialistic footsteps of its predecessors, and we can justifiably say that Mrs Clinton is an example of a case where the much heralded Obama "change" will not take place in US foreign policy. Many ordinary citizens in the USA probably fail completely to understand the importance for everyone of foreign policy, and do not realise how acts relating to other nations can affect events within their own country.


Part of the experience which Mrs Clinton brings to her post is highly effective success in offending other peoples, and her long-standing endorsement of Mr Bush's pro-Zionist and Islamophobic "War on Terror" cannot make her appointment, and threatened interference, welcome to the citizens of any Arab state or to the inhabitants of any majority Islamic region of the world.


Some ignorant folk have had the stupidity to suggest that the USA could act as an "honest broker" in any negotiations between the oppressed people of Palestine and their Zionist invaders; but this would mean the abandonment of all the present financial, military and diplomatic support given so freely and uncritically to these same Zionists. One of the advantages of the appointment of Mrs Clinton is that it has now been made clear that the Obama régime has no intention of doing anything which could bring peace to the Near and Middle East, and thereby end much of what it considers to be "terrorism". This clarity is deeply saddening, since we cannot see any real advantage in the new régime, and the world finds itself facing a further period of conflict, which as set out above is probably deliberate on the part of the newly strengthened hold of the Neocons on policy through the Billaries among others. As a convenient label, we can call this the Billary Effect.




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