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Letters from France: Bank Robbers Printer friendly page Print This
By Robert Thompson*
Axis of Logic
Friday, Feb 27, 2009

The latest news from Palestine is extraordinary, we could hardly believe it.   The Israeli invasion forces decided that they were short of USdollars and other convertible cash, and just went in with tanks to rob the banks.
We were able to see television footage of the raid, which made any raids in the Wild West seem mild stuff.   Just imagine the scene when the robbers go in to rob a bank with tanks and large numbers of armed troops.   It goes so far beyond anything imagined in the old Western movies, that they seem out of date.   Of course, if one were to try to put this forward as fiction, the critics would say that this was far beyond reality.
Israel will, of course, once again have the protection of the veto of the U.S.A. in the Security Council of the United Nations, and will no doubt make statements to the effect that bank robbery is an integral part of the battle against criminality.   Such an argument should have been used in the days of Jesse James and other predecessors of these modern bandits.
Are the U.S.A. going to do anything, or will they once again make quiet squeaks about this being illegal while continuing to supply arms and finance to the oppressors.
This reminds me that the Bush regime continues to criticise Syria for its hostility towards the "State of Israel", particularly in the Security Council, but it does nothing towards the liberation of the large swathe of Syrian territory (with all its inhabitants) still under enemy occupation.
If and when Mr George W. Bush decides to start his "war on terrorism", he could possibly start with these bank robbers, but he might think that this latest action will save him the trouble of financing his favourite gang of terrorists if they can so easily find the funds themselves by such crude criminal acts.   For some reason, it reminds me of Mr Bush's invasion of Iraq to steal the oil wells.
This makes me wonder why anyone in the U.S.A. fails to see through Mr Bush's hypocritical attitude towards criminality, and, beyond that, towards terrorism.
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*Robert Thompson, a French citizen, is a retired Avocat (Trial Lawyer) at the Boulogne-sur-Mer Bar, living with his wife in a small village in Northern France.   He was born at Leek (North Staffordshire, England) in 1931, and, after reading Jurisprudence at Oxford University, he became an English Solicitor.   He later went to work at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.   There he was Director in charge of the Legal Department and also Secretary General of the Court of Arbitration, the most important international commercial arbitration centre on the world.   While there, he became the I.C.C. Director in charge of relations with the Arab states, where he travelled for professional reasons, and he worked towards legal cooperation with the countries then within the Comecon.

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