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By Joe Boyd. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Thursday, May 7, 2009

"This is meant to be a call for the 40 – 50 somethings in America to get off our butts and make a difference is some more aggressive way."

- Joe Boyd
Axis of Logic




Frequently Shaken, Never Quite Stirred 

We remember the Vietnam body counts read,
each night on the national news
We remember a brown naked terrified child running -
burning, lost and confused
But that was a TV war to us, more entertainment than fact
We heard Stairway to Heaven and Let It Be -
that madness was way too abstract
These may not have been the best of times,
Paul is dead and Nixon is lying
But bad news, it settles,
Mark Spitz raked gold medals
and Monty Python’s new Circus is flying
So don’t you despair - our comfort’s assured
Frequently shaken, but never quite stirred
Came of age and learned of the Middle East,
some far flung place with our oil
Ironic story, do tell! -  Khmer Rouge, what the hell? - 
has made red the Cambodian soil
A monster called AIDS is making the papers,
but it hasn’t quite hit here at home
Mork and Mindy is great, there’s a kegger at 8,
have you seen the new portable phone?
These may not have been the best of times,
Lennon’s dead and Rock Hudson is dying
Man, the CDs are cool and the Space Shuttle rules,
but bigger world issues are trying
Don’t think too much - our comfort’s assured
Frequently shaken, but never quite stirred
Rwanda, Twin Towers, Katrina, Iraq –
all man-made travesties to our peril
We’ll blog and write speeches -
make interesting plans but our call to action is sterile
Man I’d love to assist but I just can’t commit –
zeal’s for later in life when I’m ready
Lots of great Nouvelle diners, world wine just gets finer
and the DOW’s at 12,000 and steady
These may not have been the best of times,
Britney’s struggled and Paris is crying
I gave money at least to Move On, and Greenpeace,
it’s not fair to say I’m not trying
I’ve sleep walked through my life
but my comfort’s assured
Yes I’ve damn sure been shaken, but  Never.  Quite.  Stirred

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