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By Regina Guarisco
Thursday, Jan 1, 2004

4 Words

There's an interesting word.
One obviously,
That our government has never heard.

Lets se if we can find another one.
How about integrity?
Hard to believe they know that one,
Considering they our throwing our county into poverty.

What about courage?
A lot of our politicians served after all,
But what can you say about that
When our own president was listed AWOL?

Now that's a good one.
Instead of asking you if you're innocent or guilty
They should ask how fast you can get to a Bank One.

Strange how all these words
Are suppose to describe our country.
Yet our government doesn't know what they mean,
Knowing that could you say we are actually free?

Maybe our government should pick up a dictionary,
It would do its' citizens a great deed.
I can only cross my fingers and hope,
That our politicians can read.

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